Here's the map of the site using GPS coordinates from the iPhone.

GPSAltitude 781549/414
GPSAltitudeRef 0
GPSImgDirection 27316/291
GPSImgDirectionRef M
GPSInfo 1458
GPSLatitude 37/1, 35/1, 2097/100
GPSLatitudeRef N
GPSLongitude 111/1, 58/1, 5145/100
GPSLongitudeRef W
GPSTimeStamp 18/1, 6/1, 5317/100

Here's where we pulled off the road. I am standing facing South towards Highway 12.

A photo after I dug underneath.

I didn't want to touch it but I did it for scale.


Here's a panorama of the scene. The hair is in the sandy area to the left of the large tree in the center